Magnet Validations

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A magnet verification survey is a standard food safety and auditing recommendation often required to be carried out on all magnetic separators in processing plants annually.

Aurora conducts annual magnet verification surveys using procedures and documentation endorsed by HACCP International.

The magnet verification service provides confirmation of magnet quality by measuring the gauss and matching the results to specifications.

The verification is completed using a calibrated gauss meter and are typically carried out on an annual cycle performed by an Aurora magnetics technician. This service is completed on-site, minimizing disruptions to your business.

Once the survey is completed, the results are recorded and verification report documented. These reports outline the current magnetic strength and condition, relevant industry standards, strength trends and recommendations where necessary.

Verification reports include:

  • Evaluation of whether the magnet is as effective as it should be in its particular location
  • Evaluation of whether the magnet complies with the relevant industry and company standards
  • Evaluation of whether the magnet is the correct type for the application
  • The physical condition of the magnet
  • The risk of contamination or equipment damage
  • If the magnet operation and access is safe
  • Whether the magnetic coverage is adequate for the duty required
  • Whether the magnetic strength is adequate for the duty required
  • The strength history/trend
  • Recommendations if required

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