Pressure & Liquid Line

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The FORCE10 Pressure and Liquid Magnetic Separators are used to extract and retain ferrous contaminants and work-hardened stainless steel fines from wet or viscous/slurry products conveyed by pipeline.

The unit incorporates a series of high-strength rare-earth magnetic probes, which attract and secure unwanted metallic contamination present in the product stream.

  • Maximized direct product contact/minimized resistance to flow
  • Pressure tested
  • Available with jackets for heated product lines
  • Multiple temperature ratings available
  • CIP’able
  • Reduced risk of product recall and damage to brand integrity
  • Protection of critical and sensitive equipment
  • Removal of ferrous metal contaminants in addition to work hardened stainless steel and magnetic stone
  • High-quality rare-earth Long Life magnetic components to ensure lasting high performance
  • Highly flexible design to accommodate your specific line size, flow rate and product characteristics

Pressure and liquid line units can be installed:

  • Before/after pumps, blenders and mixers
  • Before/after tanks and vats etc.
  • After ingredient intakes
  • Upstream of all packing and filling operations
  • On pallecon outlets

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