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High strength rare-earth magnetic bars and probes are extremely versatile separators suitable for many applications.

These separators are used to purify your product, removing contaminants such as tramp iron and bolts etc. through to weakly magnetic work-hardened stainless steel fines, rust particles and stone.

Bar Magnetic Separators are available with handles and connection fittings for simple insertion into pipes/chutes/ducts/equipment, housing etc., for easy removal to inspect and clean.

These units can be installed in strategic locations for indication purposes, providing early warning of plant/equipment breakdown and traceability of contamination from ingredient suppliers.

  • Range of handle and connection fittings available
  • Custom-sized for maximum product and equipment protection
  • Protection of critical and sensitive equipment
  • Available with blank, tapped or studded ends for ease of installation

Bar and probe units can be installed

  • Across screw conveyors, elevators, floveyors, blenders, hoppers, trough belt conveyors and conveyor    discharge points
  • In chutes feeding packers
  • Prior to critical equipment i.e. milling and rendering equipment

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