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Bag Flattener

The Aurora Bag Flattener levels the bag contents over the full length of the bag prior to palletising and wrapping to ensure that the pallets are stacked level and in a professional manner.

The bags are fed base first, after a kicking or turning operation, onto a conveyor with an overhead powered belt or idler roller action.

  • Positioned over an elevation or incline conveyor
  • Adjustable height and self-levelling to suit
  • Gentle on the bag packaging and product
  • Heavy duty construction
Bag Flattener - Aurora

Bag Kicker

Aurora Bag Kickers are a great design allowing optimum kicking efficiencies in the smallest footprint.

Using a pneumatic ram, the bag gets kicked onto another conveyor or palletiser for further handling.

The Kicker is a safe design ensuring no pinch points or bag damage providing a gentle and safer operation.

  • Controlled bag handling for gentle product treatment and conditioning
  • Used for 90° corners on bagging lines
  • Heavy duty construction
  • No electrics
  • Pneumatic driven cylinder
  • Compact design eliminates separate footprint
  • Automated operation, no operator input required
  • Fully adjustable to suit application

Bag Turner

The Aurora Bag Turner provides you with added flexibility in bag handling and alignment.

The simple but effective machine allows the bag to be positioned in the desired orientation for further processing.

  • Automated operation
  • Passive or mechanical handling
  • Variable bag size capabilities
  • Straight line layouts
  • Compact in-line rotation
  • Heavy duty construction
Bag Turner Aurora

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