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The Fischbein Industrial Sewing System uses the Empress 100 Sewing Head, in-feed unit, pedestal and controls.

Fischbein’s new Empress Series is designed to deliver long-range, smooth performance with low vibration. Featuring variable speed and a compact design, Model 100 Standard Sew and Model 101 Tape Sewing Heads are the latest innovations in trouble free bag sewing technology. With an easily adjustable sewing speed from 8—22 m/min, the Empress Series is perfect for sewing every type of open-mouth bag including paper, woven propylene and jute.

  • Compact design
  • Patented self-lubricating system
  • Quick thread and tape cutting system
  • Low noise
  • Minimal vibration


  • Sewing with tape – using crepe paper and filler cord to eliminate leakage
  • Sewing with easy open tape
  • Plain sewing – simple one thread closure
  • Folding and sewing bag top – reducing leakage
  • Sewing with a flat belt bag closing conveyor – for granular bagged products. Comes complete with guide rails.
  • Sewing with a V track bag closing conveyor – for large bags, root crops, potatoes, onions, coal etc.
  • Automatic tag applicator

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