Tube-in-Tube Tubular Heat Exchangers

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The Tube-in-Tube Tubular Heat Exchanger is one of the most simple and maintenance free forms of heat transfer equipment. These unique heat exchangers are highly efficient for heating or cooling your products with high or changing viscosities, particulates, fibrous or demanding properties.

Aurora TUBE-IN-TUBE Tubular Heat Exchangers utilize the DIMPLE or CORRUGATE profile tubing, designed to have the primary fluid pass through the inner tube while the service fluid flows counter current in the outer shell. This gives optimum heat transfer efficiency providing the most effective heating/cooling system.

  • Ultra high heat transfer efficiencies achieved due to the DIMPLE or CORRUGATE profile
  • Designed to withstand high pressure and temperature
  • Allows continuous mixing resulting in improved product consistency and thermal uniformity, even on thick slurries and pastes
  • Reduced maintenance requirements, downtime and costs with no moving parts
  • Double tube plate designs available for pharmaceutical applications
  • Unique modular system, which enables virtually unlimited potential for configuration options resulting in unrivalled versatility for all installations and process requirements
  • Individually selected for each application and, as such, the design can accommodate specific location or processing requirements
  • Can be assembled as jacked pipework to provide heat exchange in product transfer
  • Can be assembled in a strippable form to enable dismantling in applications where fouling may occur in the jacket cavity as a result of using fluids such as bore water or product to product and regeneration applications
  • Can be manufactured from a comprehensive range of alloys including exotic metals such as duplex stainless steels, titanium, hastalloy and zirconium to suit corrosive liquids and high temperatures
  • Constructed to comply with relevant New Zealand and Australian standards, statutory and quality assurance procedures
  • Designs include provision for thermal expansion and contraction where applicable

Why select a Tube-in-Tube Tubular Heat Exchanger?

DIMPLE or CORRUGATE TUBE-IN-TUBE Tubular Heat Exchangers are ideally suited for aggressive applications.

These include:

  • Products of high or changing viscosity
  • Fluids or slurries containing large particulates or fibrous contents
  • Ultra high temperature processes
  • Corrosive fluids
  • High pressure and hazardous applications
  • The requirement for complete integrity between the flow paths of the primary and service fluids
  • Regeneration applications with products on both sides of the heat exchanger

Tube-in-tube applications

  • Thick slurries and pastes
  • Waste streams with potential for blockage
  • Critical hygiene applications
  • Wine and must cooling
  • Steam/water heating
  • Heat recovery from industrial effluents
  • Corrosive Chemical Processing
  • Pet Food and Meat Processing
  • Pyrogen Free Water Systems
  • Fruit Juice & Pulp Processing
  • WWTP Sludge Heating

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