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Process systems, which can be cleaned with pigs, are becoming increasingly important for hygienic processes. Among other reasons, this is attributable to an increased environmental consciousness, costly wastewater treatment, prevention of costly product losses and production streamlining measures.

Sterile processes post stringent hygienic demands on system components. For low-germ processes we offer DMV pigging systems featuring EHEDG certified and, optionally, 3-A rated CIP/SIP LIAG arc valves and pigging valves and specifically designed pig launching and receiving stations without dead pockets. By virtue of the modular component design, thread and clamp unions are virtually no longer needed. Typical hygienic risk areas are thus minimized from the start. All valves, even when welded in place, can be taken apart and easily converted.

DMV lip pigs are of homogenous construction (hygienic design). They offer excellent cleaning effect and are virtually free of wear. As a function of the pushing and counter pressure these lips accommodate perfectly thereby compensating existing deviations in the pipe geometry. The pigs are highly flexible and suited for tight radii (R = 1.5 x D). As an option, dynamic lip pigs are equipped with a magnet for location and control.


  • Routing valves
  • Pigs
  • Pig detection sensors
  • Receiving stations
  • Filling stations
  • In-line pig washing systems
  • Control panels
  • Installation and commissioning


  • From product reception to storage tanks
  • From storage tanks to mixing/processing system/tanks
  • From mixing/processing to storage tanks
  • From storage tanks to filler lines
  • From treatment lines to storage tanks/filler lines


  • Dairy products
  • Sauces, spreads and pastes
  • Beverages, wine and fruit juices
  • Shampoos, lotions, creams, toothpaste
  • Washing agents, cleaning agents
  • Yoghurt, cheese
  • Fruit pulp, syrup, concentrates
  • Dough, vegetable oil

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