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Invented in 1960 the Floveyor Aero Mechanical Conveying system has been developed and refined to create a suite of modular products that are used by companies globally to fulfil a host of materials handling requirements.

Our Floveyor solutions are applied in industries the world over, from food processing, where hygiene is the number one priority, to bulk handling, where speed is of the essence. Our systems are used to move a diverse range of materials; from delicate products that demand a gentle touch through to coarse products that call for durability.

Floveyor are used to move flour, sugar, rice, coffee, cocoa, milk powder, lime, salt, detergent powder, urea, melamine, citric acid, PVC, carbon, silica, aluminium pellets, titanium dioxide, wood flour, bentonite, cement, ammonium nitrate, sodium sulphate, hydrated alumina and much more.

How the unique Floveyor Aero Mechanical System works

  • A rope assembly comprising a steel wire rope fitted with equally placed polymer discs is circulated through tubing at high speed
  • This motion displaces air, creating a recirculating airstream
  • Material is control fed into the feed housing, where it is captured by centrifugal force and fluidized in the airstream, suspended between the travelling discs
  • The fluidized material is propelled to the discharge housing of the conveyor where it is deposited into the receival vessel

The Floveyor Aero Mechanical Conveyor has many unique benefits

  • Scalable – from single unit systems to plant engineering
  • Modular – multiple configurations with refined designs allowing for fast assembly
  • Adaptable – seamless integration with existing equipment
  • Small footprint – customize to suit your space requirements
  • Reliable – market leading dependability and strength
  • Robust – durable and heat resistant – rated to 110°C+
  • Gentle – minimal degradation and no product separation
  • Low Maintenance – easy to clean and service
  • Sustainable – low power and low noise pollution
  • No dust – minimizing OHS concerns and dust-extraction costs
  • Hygienic – FDA and CE Food Standards compliant
  • IEC and ATEX Compliant – safely handling hazardous materials

Ancillary Products

Our ancillary products have been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Floveyor conveying units, providing the high levels of performance and reliability our solutions are renowned for across a myriad of industries worldwide.

Screw feeders and custom hopper units

  • Independently driven and fully customizable to suit your capacity and output needs
  • Ideal for materials that need to be control fed or have a tendency to bridge
  • Ribbon screw for zero-pressure feeding

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