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The No.1 palletizing robot in the world!

Over 12,000 robotic palletizers have been installed worldwide providing substantial cost savings and significant increases in production efficiency to many companies ranging from small single-product manufacturers through to large multiple-product industry leaders.


Programme Simplicity

Fuji’s world leading palletizing software has been developed to provide operator friendly interface within the robot function and product menus:

  • Operators can undertake product, pallet and stacking changes saving the need for specialist robotic programming
  • Trouble shooting and step-by-step menus to ensure minimised downtime and programme errors
  • On-board diagnostics and service pop-ups ensure years of reliability and trouble-free operations

Minimal Maintenance

  • The only regular service check is 4 grease points accessed from a lubrication bank

Unique Design Advantage

  • Fuji Robotic motion is based on straight-line point-to-point movement. This is combined with an exclusive ‘move-to-inching’ function providing the world’s fastest palletising robot with unmatched stacking accuracy.

High Speed with Energy Efficiency

  • Fuji Palletising has been proven as the most energy efficient articulated robot palletising solution worldwide. For example the EC101 machine consumes a kilovolt average of 2.0kVA/under 10 amps of supply current. This is less than a common hair dryer of 30% of alternative brand palletisers!

The Fuji Ace features

  • World-class design and performance
  • Box, bag, case, can compatible and more!
  • Highest capacity robot with up to 1800 cycles per hour
  • Cutting edge controller allows operator to programme stack patterns and adjust pallet or product types with diagnostics and step-by-step human interface
  • Lowest power consumption using only 2.5 kVA
  • All associated automation ancillaries available for inclusion
  • Japanese technology and reliability provides fastest return on investment
  • Semi or fully automated system to eliminate health and safety concerns and labour sourcing
  • Daily performance delivered 24/7 with consistent productive output
  • Service scheduling and preventative maintenance
  • Full technical support and factory trained technicians in New Zealand

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