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Reduce labour, downtime and health and safety risks by eliminating manual handling of bagged product. European reliability with proven performance of up to 550 bags per hour.

Aurora’s conventional palletizer is very economical when it comes to valuable space. The compact construction means that it can be placed in virtually any area. Its sophisticated design enables you to feed empty pallets to the machine from three sides.

Unlock your process potential!

  • Bag rates of up to 550 bags per hour
  • PLC Control – programming simplicity with mechanized reliability
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Full automation options
  • Quick return on investment with full rental or lease options available
  • Factory preset stack patterns and automation options to suit multiple operation and stack requirements
  • Adaptability to suit various pallet sizes
  • Health and Safety – minimise health and safety risks associated with manual handling
  • Aurora has a team of trained technicians and service personnel ready to assist

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