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Aurora provides a full range of bulk bag unloading equipment from forklift load to electric hoist and trolley load, catering for bulk bags up to 2000kg.


The forklift loaded bulk bag unloading frame is a robust, sturdy frame with a load rating of up to 2000kg. It features a simple yet versatile design accommodating a range of different bulk bag sizes with quick change over time. The bag straps are quickly and easily secured to the lifting cradle providing a safe and secure procedure.

It is a fast and simple system for a reliable and efficient process.


The electric hoist and trolley unloading frame is a great option for areas with limited forklift access.

Pneumatic hoist and trolley systems are also available where electric versions may be restricted.


Spout Clamps

The spout clamp is attached to the hopper or discharge transition of the receivable bin/intake. This creates a dust-tight, secure attachment to improve the bulk bag unloading process.

Bag Closers

The bag closer is designed to give the operator complete control over the discharge rate of a bulk bag system. The unit allows the operator to close off the bulk bag spout, stopping the unloading process and then restarting it when required. The bag closer can also be pneumatically operated.

The bag closer is an ideal attachment for staged bulk bag unloading or in any case of having to slow or stop the discharge process at any time.

Pneumatic Paddles

Pneumatic paddles are designed to ensure complete bag discharge from light, bridgeable products to lumpy hard products.

These paddles are pneumatically driven and can be easily adjusted to change the speed, stroke and force. They can also be isolated to suit maintenance or service works or for free flowing granular products, which don’t require discharge assistance.


Our bulk bag systems are available in a range of finishes to suit high hygiene environments through to outdoor hard-wearing applications.

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