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Industrial Packaging

PGG-&-SGT-DanImproved productivity coupled with greater accuracy is a win-win for PGG Wrightson thanks to Aurora’s supply and installation of a Galaxy Belt Packer, which weighs grain and seed into bags.

Kevin Flaxman, from PGG Wrightson, explains: “We had a very old system and the main concern was the accuracy and being compliant legally so we looked for a new system. Aurora came up with a solution for us. It is super accurate and more efficient. Productivity has lifted approximately 25%.”

Kevin also found working with Aurora a very positive experience.

“We find them really efficient and pro-active. They’ve come up with some good solutions for us,” he says.

As well as being “up there” when it comes to their knowledge of stock feed handling equipment, PGG Wrightson has found Aurora friendly and easy to deal with, even when elements in the project were proving a challenge.

“We were a bit late with the install but they kept us up-to-date with the new time frame and they consistently kept us informed.”

The main wins for PGG Wrightson have been an increase in productivity and improved accuracy, but also reliability of the new equipment is far superior to the old system.

“They’ve exceeded our expectations with the increase of productivity.” explains Kevin, adding, “The gear they offer us is top quality.”

As well as having in place equipment they can rely on for many years to come PGG Wrightson has a relationship with Aurora that is reliable and longstanding.

“We are looking at another project in the future and Aurora will be at the top of the list of suppliers to look at,” says Kevin.

Fresh-VegeBWhen Fresh Vegetable Packers were looking to improve efficiency in their potato packhouse, manager Dave Pilkington knew Aurora could assist. After discussing production needs and the desired outcome, Aurora recommended the Galaxy KV4500 Bulk Bag and Box Filler.

The unique construction of the latest generation Galaxy box fillers assures absolute dump-cone-free filling which is essential for proper air permeability. The KV4500 uses vertical elevators with product friendly finger-carrier construction, making it possible to fill boxes of virtually any shape or size. Filling is smooth and efficient as the product and any soil is swept along and distributed across the entire box or bag, layer by layer. When full boxes are removed and empty boxes placed in the machine, the machine simply continues to fill the boxes automatically, without interruption. Sensors on the bottom of the elevators limit the drop height of the product.  The additional electronic weighing indicator also means weighing boxes or Big Bags without external equipment is possible.

“It is unbelievable” says Dave “I would highly recommend it”. Being used this season for potatoes the machine is proving its full potential in increased production and efficiency. “It saves a person standing on the end of a machine; the grader doesn’t stop, it just keeps on going; and the forklift operator can go and do other things while it is operating” he adds “when it is finished, all you have to do is tie the top of the bag”.

Not only is the unit increasing efficiency, it is doing so with ease. The unit is simple to run, and runs without needing constant attention. “It is so easy to handle” comments Dave, “smooth and really quiet”

“It is a great investment” Dave concludes. Increased production, reduced labour usage, and smooth, quiet, efficient processing; the KV4500 delivers on every front.

Simple and durable equipment constructed to withstand years of industrial use, compliments basic mechanicals for ease of maintenance. Sticking to these guiding fundamentals has seen Aurora equipment favoured in almost every application.

At Aurora we stand close behind our product and all our industry leading brands are backed by expert advice, premium product, installation and scheduled servicing that is second to none. All this is ultimately designed to make your next decision an easy one. No matter what stage of your process you’re at right now, make Aurora your process equipment partner.

Contact Aurora today for all your process equipment requirements, Aurora has the solution.

In business it can be the simplest things that make the biggest difference. With efficiency a key motivator SGT Dan Stockfoods went looking for a tailor bagging system that would cut down the need for manual labour.

“This system fills bags with stock feed and then sews up the top. It is not a major job and it was done manually before with a handheld sewing machine,” explains Darryl Moyles from SGT Dan.

SGT Dan had worked with Aurora before and so it was a natural fit for them to contact Aurora again to assist with securing this new system.

“Aurora was excellent to deal with,” says Darryl. “They are obviously the specialists in this field.”

Aurora worked closely with SGT Dan Stockfoods to ensure they had the correct equipment for their need, and that it was operating with utmost efficiency.

“Our engineer installed it. Their technician came to check it was running okay,” Darryl explains. “The main benefit is speed. Before three people would be working on this job. Now there are two, and that’s more efficient too.”

Bulk Handling

Denver-1Constant improvement can mean little steps or giant leaps. At Denver Stockfeeds in Palmerston North it’s been a bit of both with the introduction of a new Fischbein industrial sewing machine system. The system is a big improvement on the smaller, cheaper machine they’ve been using for the past few years but has needed some small adjustments to get it performing at its best. Aurora has been working closely with Denver Stockfeeds throughout the process.

“(Aurora) staff are very knowledgeable of their products and know what they are talking about,” says Ian Currie, Director of Denver Stockfeeds. “They were able to train the staff to use the machinery. I stayed out of it and they worked directly with the men on the floor. They got all the support they needed.”

The Fischbein system is the second major install Aurora has worked on with Denver Stockfeeds, the first being the even bigger stacking robot.

“We’ve had that now since September 2015 and we’re really pleased with the investment,” says Currie, explaining, “We previously stacked manually. We used to employ temporary staff but this year didn’t need to. It has definitely made us more efficient and improved our output.”

Currie says one of the main benefits of the stacking system is that staff are happy with it.

“There’s no sore backs and it’s easy to use,” Currie says.

When it came to ongoing support Aurora was right there when Denver Stockfeeds needed them, although there were few issues and only minor tweaks needed.

“Aurora is pretty good in helping out with minor issues. They look after us as a customer very well,” says Currie, adding. “We’ve got the engineer’s number if ever there’s a breakdown although that hasn’t happened. We are very happy with their service and support.”

Denver Stockfeeds to moving into a new stage in its growth and Aurora has been on-hand to help make their transition a smooth one.

“I would totally recommend them,” says director Ian Currie. “Their service is good, I can verify their honesty and integrity, and they wouldn’t take shortcuts to make more money.”

LionCanterbury’s 2011 earthquake meant a big move for Lion Nathan when they relocated their brewery to Dunedin after the demise of their Christchurch site. It was a $30 million project and a small but crucial part of that was the installation of Aurora’s Floveyor Conveyor System.

This was an integral part of the process, agrees project brewer Geoff Collie.

“Aurora played a small part because it was a very big project but it was important to get that end of the system working well,” explains Geoff.

” Aurora were great to work with. They took time to look at the site and understand the problems.”

The site Speights were moving to was their original 1940s brewery, and although there were benefits, the age and design of the original structure threw up some challenges.

“Access hasn’t been easy but we were able to work through that,” says Geoff. “It was good that we could get Aurora’s equipment broken down and reinstalled inside.”

Overall, the redevelopment of the Speight’s brewing site was a massive task with exacting timelines and deadlines but Aurora played their part in making it all happen on schedule.

“They were very good,” Geoff says. “They know their equipment and they understood our requirements. We definitely got what we thought we were getting.”

The main benefit for Lion Nathan has been streamlining their operation, which has a large number of complex and interconnected elements, all of which need to be working in unison. This is now made easier, in part thanks to Aurora’s Floveyor system.

“Compared to what we used to use, we now have ease of operation and it integrates with the rest of the system.” Geoff says.

HigginsHiggins Group’s Sean Bearsley gives Aurora 10 out of 10 for their knowledge and skills. But the best bit of their project together is improved health and safety, and reduced risk to employees.

Finding the right solution for Higgins needed sound knowledge and a strong working relationship, with clear communication between Aurora and their client.

Sean Bearsley, who is Project Development Manager at Higgins, believes Aurora ticks all the boxes.

“They were very easy to work with, had good product knowledge and technical knowledge, which allowed us to find suitable equipment,” he says.

The project required a solution that took into account the process and human factors associated with the existing system and the problems surrounding it.

“We purchased the machine [Floveyer Aero Mechanical conveyer for rubber granules] because we had been loading the processor from a height, which, with heat and other variables, created a health and safety risk. The new machinary has eliminated this risk,” says Sean.

Reassurance that Higgins was getting the right solution for them was paramount. An added benefit was Aurora found a way to solve the problem without breaking the bank.

Sean says, “I knew exactly what I was getting and when, and everything ran to budget. The best part was that they were able to offer us a second-hand alternative because the first-hand options were out of our price range.”

Budget and brief aside the number one win for Higgins is the improved safety of their team.

Sean explains: “It has eliminated the previous health and safety issues. It was exactly what we needed. I would definitely use them again.”

FiskinsQuick and efficient installation coupled with finding just the right solution for the project is the key to success for a partnership between HR Fiskin and Aurora.

Managing Director John Fiskin says Aurora’s skills, experience and promptness make them a first-rate provider.

“We have worked with them before, they are trustworthy and they do what they say they will,” says John.

The system itself came after much research into finding the right tool for the job.

“They are a good small company, reliable and persistent,” he explains. “Initially we were given two proposals for new machines but they didn’t quite fit; one looked too clunky and both seemed too close to the model we already had. Eventually they came back offering better and better deals until we found the one we have now.”

Once a decision on the right solution was made, the roll out was swift.

“The system was installed and is working pretty well. There have been no real problems and the installation was quick The machine went in on a Friday and was working within days,” John says.

The palletiser is now up and running and the benefits are above expectation.

“The benefit is the machinery is newer, the parts are easier to use and replace, it stacks better and it’s easier to operate.” says John. “The palletiser is more efficient than previously; we’re now operating two more tonne an hour than before.”

SharpesA change in their business and an opportunity to grow meant Sharpes Stock Feed needed a new system in place, and fast. They looked to Aurora for a solution.

Project manager Sam Osbourne explains: “We were supplying bulk product to a business who wanted to leave packaging so it made sense for us to take over the packaging. We now supply bulk packaged goods to that business.”

Sharpes had worked with Aurora before and found their products and their service excellent, with good people skills and a high level of experience.

“Aurora has a great knowledge of their products,” says Sam.

Getting the system in place on time was crucial to business success, especially as the company was growing into a new area. Sam says the project was excellent and everything ran to time. This made Sharpes’ move into a new field easier and more streamlined.

“The system is all very new so there is really no comparison,” explains Sam. “But the other business that was previously packaging used four people, we are only using one which is good.”

Responding to opportunities is a savvy way to grow any business but having the systems required to deliver takes strong partnerships with providers like Aurora.

Magnets & Foreign Matter Control

SynlaitAurora worked with Synlait Milk to source and install a Force 10 Magnetic Separator in their milk powder plant.

“We have three of these machines. They help us quite a bit,” says project manager Andy Ling. He explains their role: “They remove the metal contamination from milk powder and are more effective than the previous machines.”

Andy found Aurora easy to work with, which made his project easier to execute.

“In my opinion they are one of the best service providers,” he says. “They are very knowledgeable. They know their products and are very professional.”

The machine itself is a triumph of technology and design, and a testament to the strong working relationship between Synlait and Aurora.

“The machine’s magnet is much stronger [than previous machines] so the function is very good from a physics viewpoint,” says Andy, adding, “It is very good looking with a very elegant design.”

Compared to earlier solutions in place at the milk plant the Aurora magnetic separator is a step above.

“Aurora has raised the bar. The previous magnet was labour intensive to clean as it was heavy and cumbersome. We no longer have these problems,” says Andy, who is also pleased with the response from his team. “The operators and plant manager are very happy with the user-friendly design. We don’t have to worry about the previous issues.”

Andy says he was keen to get the system in place as soon as possible, and Aurora delivered.
“They were very prompt. I was pushy but they did deliver on time. I was given a timeframe from the beginning which was good and they were always a step ahead informing us of the project,” says Andy.

CrestaA big part of ensuring smooth operation of a new project is clear communication between client and provider. Aurora receives excellent reviews from its clients who say they listen to client needs and maintain regular contact throughout the project and post-installation.

Geoff Hadwin, general manager at Cresta Mushrooms has first-hand experience as Aurora supplied and installed a metal detector for their production plant.

“Aurora listened to what we wanted and sourced the machine we needed. They then programmed it to what we wanted and installed it,” explains Geoff.

“It was a complicated thing they were having to do but they were good, and they were always very pleasant to deal with. And once the machine had arrived their communication level was great.”

The metal detector does increase workload as every load has to go through the new process  but its main benefit is that it saves a lot on product.

Cresta Mushrooms didn’t consider going with any other supplier when Aurora was recommended to them, and Aurora delivered on their high expectations.

“We were happy with their product, price and service, and with their performance,” says Geoff.

CanpacIf you are in charge of managing process systems for Fonterra you have to look for and trust your instincts to find the right person and resource to solve every situation. This was the problem for John Leathart at Fonterra Canpac in Hamilton when a situation involved miniscule particles of metal that might be finding their way into milk powder. He turned to Aurora for the solution.

“We had to look at several proposals before we settled on the Aurora possibility,” he says.

The answer involved installing a very powerful magnet assembly into the system before milk powder was loaded onto the cans for sale. Aurora had to undertake detailed research to find the most powerful magnet of its kind in New Zealand. It is a FORCE 10 gravity grate where the significant component is a rare earth magnet capable of attracting minute particles of metal. Installation required working in tricky conditions, and confined areas.

John was impressed by the depth of engineering knowledge shown by Aurora, not to mention showing a constant interest in researching further at every new challenge. Unavoidable delays in the supply of the magnet affected both parties but with open communication through the whole process and Aurora keeping Fonterra well informed at every stage reasons for any hold-ups were always explained.

“Alterations in time and budget are a regular feature of our work,” he says. “And the project involved a very difficult application and was experimental but throughout the process we found Aurora to be very professional and excellent to work with.”

haccp-int-09-cert-mark-black-High performing magnet systems are an integral part of food producing plants like McCain Foods in Hawke’s Bay. Making sure those magnets are working to their fullest potential is not just important for compliance reasons but also to ensure quality standards are met, without fail.

A key service provided by Aurora is validation of the effectiveness of magnet systems, and McCain Foods relies on them to carry out this service each year.

Paul Wake from McCain Foods explains: “They bring their equipment and there’s very little disturbance to the plant. Aurora tests our magnets for effectiveness and we get a good service from them. From there we get a report, with recommendations and it means we’ve got traceability, which is important in our industry.”

With a plant that is in constant operation, bringing in testing equipment can have a negative effect if it holds up production. With Aurora there is no interruption.

” Aurora fits in with us and they’re aware of the environment. They are willing to wait and don’t interfere with what’s happening at the plant,” says Paul.

Promptness is also important when fitting in with tight production schedules and Aurora always arrives on time.

“I can’t fault them,” says Paul. “They’re very personable, very quick and easy to communicate with. Every dealing with Aurora is positive.”

Fluid Process

MuirsMuirs Apparel Master gives Aurora 10 out of 10 for their friendliness but it is financial savings, worry-free maintenance and smooth installation that have made the real difference for the industrial laundry operation.

Aurora has installed a waste water recovery system in the laundry plant; it heats cold water flowing into the washing system using hot waste water that is coming out of the process. It’s a simple but clever system and one that’s already bringing reward.

Dion Warner, Director, says, “Our gas bill has gone down $3000 a month! So pay back is very impressive.”

It’s the first time Aurora has worked with Muirs but they have installed a similar system in another Apparel Master operation.

“It’s a tried and tested product. It’s faultless and maintenance free, which is brilliant because there’s no wasting time,” says Dion. “The best part of the project was Aurora took care of everything in terms of project management and installation.”

The project was streamlined by Aurora’s thorough understanding of what the laundry operation required.

“They knew exactly what we needed and they explained the system to us very well. They kept us informed throughout the installation and told us how it was going. The whole system went in without any major faults.”

The project ran to budget and met all its deadlines, and as Aurora came highly recommended Dion can now confirm they live up to all expectations.

Saint-ClairAndrew Lasenby of Saint Clair Estate is happy to recommend Aurora and will work with them again after the successful installation of three must chillers.

“Must chillers cool down the grapes as they come into the winery,” explains Andrew.

Ensuring the process goes without a hitch is of paramount importance to the whole operation, and with Aurora on board Saint Clair Estate can rest assured the equipment will work reliably and efficiently.

For Andrew, Aurora’s knowledge and skills are as reliable as their workmanship.

“They are really good,” says Andrew. “The installation went to the time frame we were expecting. Everything went according to plan.”

After three successful installations, Andrew and Saint Clair Estate are looking forward to working with Aurora again in the near future.

SynlaitExperience coupled with a strong ability to listen to specific customer needs means Aurora delivers the right system for their clients’ exact requirements.

Brent Marshall from Synlait, has first-hand experience of that approach and is now seeing the benefits of Aurora-installed equipment.

“Aurora worked with us to install a concentrate heater system for getting the temperature right before it goes to a spray dryer,” explains Brent. “It wasn’t a replacement; we didn’t have one at all previously but needed one.”

Brent and Synlait found Aurora excellent to deal with.

“They were very good – prompt and professional – and they took the time to come down to our plant in Canterbury, meet with us, listen to what we wanted and come up with a plan to meet our needs.”

This level of service is typical of Aurora, even when they have a thorough understanding of the type of solution a client may need.

“They have experience in the same kind of machinery. They provided good references and could prove they had worked with similar technology elsewhere,” Brent says.

Alongside experience and knowledge, Aurora also brought flexibility to the project in terms of ensuring Synlait received a system that fulfilled all their needs.

“Everything went well and as we intended and the system is doing everything we wanted it to do.

Also Aurora was very flexible. We had a few specific technical requirements and Aurora attended to those too.”

Synlait is now operating their Aurora supplied concentrate heater system as an essential part of their processing plant

 “We have a lot more control over our operation and on top of that the project was delivered as we expected on both time and price,” says Brent.

Steve-MillerSteve Miller Rural Services is building a impressive reputation in Bay of Plenty for its geothermal heating solutions, thanks in part to a strong working relationship with Aurora.

“We’re getting a good name around the district for what we do and we’ve used Aurora-supplied products for lots of those projects,” says Steve Miller, who leads the company.

Aurora’s ability to consistently and reliably deliver what they promise means they are Steve’s first choice when it comes to purchasing the plate heat exchangers he uses in many of his installs.

“I find Aurora very professional and they are an excellent company to deal with,” Steve says, adding that they’re “one of the rare ones”.

From quoting through to delivery Aurora works closely with Steve Miller Rural Services to ensure they get what they need, when they need it.

“They know what they’re talking about and they deliver what I expect, and always on time,” says Steve.

Steve Miller Rural Services, and most importantly their clients, are benefiting from Aurora’s ability to deliver what’s required to make the job a success: on budget and on time, every time.

With a longstanding relationship under their belts Aurora has built up a thorough understanding of Jetpatcher’s business. Providing plate heat exchangers on a number of projects over a number of years has meant Aurora knows their client’s needs inside and out.

Jim Turnball who manages Jetpatcher says Aurora’s knowledge of their business is key to a successful relationship.

“Aurora knows our product and our firm because we have dealt with them for years,” explains Jim.

“In turn we know what we want from Aurora; we get the same product each order.”

Reliability is another key benefit and it’s crucial to Jetpatcher’s operation that all equipment parts are fail safe.

“We don’t ever have any problems with Aurora’s heat transfer units, which is the biggest benefit to our business, because we can’t afford to have issues with them,” says Jim.

Built on such strong foundations, Aurora and Jetpatcher’s relationship is set to continue for many years to come.

“I’m always happy to approach them with new ideas and questions,” Jim says. “I haven’t got a bad word to say about them.”

Some projects don’t run as smoothly as others and when things are becoming a challenge at the sharp end of the project it’s vital to have straightforward, patient, consistent contractors you can trust not to let you down.

Aurora has worked on a couple of projects with Dunedin City Council, one being a waste water treatment plant. Terry Dodd was DCC’s operations manager.

” They were really good and most of the time they knew the answers to any of our questions immediately. If they didn’t they were happy to go away and come back with the answer,” says Terry.

Even when DCC experienced issues with project management at their end Aurora stayed on track and delivered through the challenges.

I found Aurora was very diplomatic. In a few instances they had to travel down to sign and check things off that were only five minute jobs but they were more than happy to do it,” Terry explains.

With professionalism and integrity core skills in any project, especially one that has time pressures, Aurora scores highly in both areas.
“They are very easy to get on with and professional at the same time. And I always found Aurora to do what they said they would. That’s quite rare in this day and age,” says Terry

Aurora is now working with Dunedin City Council on another project and Terry is pleased to have them on the job.

“Aurora is one of the best companies I have dealt with. I feel they are competitively priced with what the offer. They’re very good and hopefully they go far,” he says.

K&L-NurseriesWhen you’re in the business of beautiful cut flowers, making sure the growing conditions are just right is a real focus. The glasshouse temperature needs to be perfect, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Paul Loader, who is a director at K and L Nurseries, knows how important it is to heat things up, especially in the winter months. He turned to Aurora to assist with securing the right system for his nursery.

K and L Nurseries considered a number of other providers before deciding to work with Aurora. “The the service from Aurora was excellent and they really sharpened their pencil, which was good,” says Paul. “They had competitors but Aurora really came through for us.”

K and L Nurseries, which specialises in growing gerberas and roses, installed an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger to maintain a consistent temperature in their glasshouses, based just out of Christchurch, New Zealand.

With a concept originating in Holland, and technology brought in from Austria, Aurora worked alongside Paul and his team to create an efficient system that also has environmental benefits.

The system is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

“It was a very tricky project. It’s the first in the country and we’ve done some radical things. It’s been risky but it’s worked really well,” Paul explains.

“We got funding from the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (ECCA) because this project is particularly sustainable and eco friendly.”

Clear communication was important to the project and this is a particular strength for Aurora.

“Aurora was excellent, very good. They kept in touch, which is important and they’re a nice bunch. They came down and had a look at what we needed. And best of all the price was good!” says Paul.

Stunning cut flowers are now flourishing all year round thanks to a strong partnership between Aurora and their client K and L Nurseries.

Villa-MariaSome projects are as simple as 1-2-3. That’s how it was when Villa Maria approached Aurora for a must chiller to chill down grapes in their wine making process.

Bill Clamp, Villa Maria’s Plant Manager, explains: “We gave them a brief, they gave us a quote, we researched the product and said yes to Aurora: it was straightforward and went speedily, a very seamless transaction.”

Customer service is a priority for Aurora who performed well, making even a simple transaction a positive experience for all concerned.

Bill Clamp found Aurora excellent to deal with in all areas, from their knowledge and people skills to their friendliness, promptness and ability to deliver on expectations. “They really are very good,” says Clamp.

“They provided us with all the information we needed, and the transaction was dealt with really efficiently. We require grapes to be chilled before we process them and the machine does exactly what we were after,” says Clamp.

Diamond-DrycleaningEnergy savings are high on the priority list for most industries but when heating water is central to your business as it is with Diamond Dry-Cleaning Apparelmaster, keeping costs, and temperatures, down is vital.

Diamond Dry-Cleaning Apparelmaster churns through 150 cubic metres of water a day, that’s 150,000 litres, much of it hot water. Tipping all that energy down the drain would be an unnecessary waste of resources so they turned to Aurora for a solution.

Aurora had already installed a Dimploflo Heat Exchange system at a commercial laundry elsewhere in the country so Bruce Davidson, Diamond’s Managing Director, was assured of their ability.

For Davidson the benefits of the system centred on saving energy and reusing it.

“Heating water is our biggest cost after staffing so anything we can do to cut down on that is a win. And the local council liked the idea too because it meant the water that did eventually go down the drain was a lot cooler than it could otherwise have been, and well within their required limits,” Davidson says.

With plenty of experience supplying this type of heat exchange equipment Aurora was in good stead to provide a seamless service. Coming in within budget, meeting deadlines and delivering product that goes well beyond what is expected are all staples of the way Aurora runs projects, which is good news for customers.

” The whole process was very professional and they understood what we needed to do. It’s not new ground for them so they delivered just what we wanted, and it all went very well.”

The system uses hot waste water to heat incoming well water from 14 degrees to between 25 and 30 degrees so when it reaches the laundry system it only needs to be heated a fraction more before it’s ready to use. Diamond installed the Aurora system in their brand new purpose-built commercial laundry in Whakatu, Hawke’s Bay in late 2012.

ApolloWorking across a range of diverse sites, and for a range of top clients means Apollo Projects need to commandeer the best products and services possible. Apollo Projects designs and implements world-leading integrated delivery services for the food and beverage industries and must consistently achieve high-end results for their clients and for consumers. Working for clients in the wine industry takes care and consideration of the high-value product they are working with.

Paul Gunningham is a project manager with Apollo Projects and has worked on projects in many wineries including Babich, Wither Hills and Yealands. He has brought Aurora on board to provide must chillers and magnets.

“We worked with Aurora on must-chillers for Babich in 2007 and then for Yealands, and those systems are still working well,” says Gunningham, adding, “Aurora are always good to deal with, there’s never any hassle, they’re really friendly and helpful.”

When it comes to project management it’s vital to Apollo Projects that everything runs to time and on budget or there’s a risk projects will back up and fall behind.

“Aurora is excellent, I can’t speak highly enough of them,” says Gunningham. “They know what they’re talking about, they are polite and friendly, prompt and reliable and they always deliver what they say they will.”

The quality of the products Apollo Projects has purchased from Aurora has always been excellent. “We contract to the wineries so we’re not the end user; it’s crucial we use the very best products available. Aurora is not the cheapest but they are reliable and efficient, and the cheapest isn’t the best, we want reliability. The fact that our systems are still working fine after seven years is testament to that,” says Gunningham. “Our first job together was seven years ago and there’s been many since then.”

PrysmianPrysmian Cable is a leader in the field of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications. Producing fine quality cable calls for exacting precision and consistency. When Operations and Logistics Manager for Prysmian’s New Zealand business Wayne Mazuran needed a plate heat exchanger he came to Aurora. That was in 2009. Two years later Wayne worked with Aurora again and next year he plans to have them back to start work on a new project.

“We make electrical cable for clients all over the world,” explains Mazuran. “The process requires 10,000 cubic metres of solution and if it starts to separate because the temperature changes, we have to dump the whole lot. That can be expensive and time consuming.”

The plate heat exchanger Aurora came up with is an essential and pivotal piece of the system, designed to keep a water-based solution at precisely 23 degrees.

Far greater even than the success of the machinery was Aurora’s commitment to going the extra mile.

“On an international scale Aurora is right up there in terms of quality of their product and service. I’ve worked with a few companies around the world and Aurora is by far, for me, the best team I’ve dealt with. They really are extremely good,” says Mazuran.

A couple of things in particular stood out. “Aurora came down to the place to see what we were doing, they came to see how the equipment works, in fact they came four times. They backed their design and said they’d replace it if it didn’t work. They didn’t need to because it worked really well.”

People skills is another area where Aurora excels. “They are really helpful and the support after installation is quite exceptional – I still get phone calls from them to check how the system is going.”

As well as working with customers to put in place systems that meet their needs Aurora is committed to research and development.

“They are always very keen to make a design that works really well and is reasonably priced, and on top of that their team is exceptionally good,” says Mazuran.

Prysmian has experienced dollar savings and increased quality thanks to the system. For Aurora the Prysmian Cable Heat Exchanger has been an exercise in finding the perfect solution for a client’s very specific challenge.

lionLion Breweries not only make and bottle their own products they also contract pack for a range of clients, and when valuable ingredients are being used, like those that go into ‘RTD’ drinks, it’s vital there’s no wastage. To help ensure no drop is spilled Lion worked with Aurora to install a syrup line pigging system.

Project Engineer Logan Campbell explains: “Syrup wastage has been an issue for us especially around changeovers, and a significant amount of high value product was getting wasted. This system from Aurora minimises that wastage and gives us better gains and yields.”

“There are monetary benefits in having the system installed but also we’re eliminating waste,” says Campbell.

Aurora have been installing systems like Lion’s for many years and Campbell found the Aurora team easy to work with.

“They met our deadlines and our budget and if there were any issues they got straight on to them and sorted it out for us,” says Campbell. “The main thing is that the commissioning went really smoothly.”

Now that the system is in place and operating Logan Campbell is looking at other areas of production that might benefit from the machinery.

“It’d been quite a good test case for us. Around the site where we are working with high value liquids it might work well there too,” he says. “The system is delivering the savings we thought we’d get and it’s relatively simple to operate too.”

La-NovaWith 30 tonne of laundry to process every week, La Nuova Apparelmaster needs to make sure it’s got the right equipment in place and that it’s getting as much out of it as possible.

When La Nuova were looking for an improved way to heat water in their laundry process they came to Aurora, who worked with them to install a Dimpleflo Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger in their New Plymouth operation.

Brad Craig, owner of La Nuova, worked with Aurora on the early stages of the proposal, then handed the project over to manager Bevan Broughton.

“The dealings I had with Aurora were really good and positive,” says Brad. “They went through everything thoroughly before we began the project. And once the system was installed Aurora came in straight away to see how it was running.”

The Dimpleflo is an innovative system, that’s also good for the environment. So good that EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) supported the project through a grant.

“The system warms up the incoming cold water by using the heat out of the outgoing dirty water,” explains Bevan. “Rather than dumping the energy down the drain we’re harnessing that energy and using it again.”

The result? Huge savings in terms of time and money.

“The system saves us about $3,000 a month on our gas bill. But there’s also indirect benefits in terms of drying times. Hot rinses mean we are six minutes quicker on each load, which really adds up with 20 to 30 tonnes a week to get through.” Brad says.

Bevan adds: “At this stage it appears the energy savings will give us payback in two years. So far the results are excellent. We’re really happy with the heat exchanger from Aurora, it’s doing all it said and more, and Aurora have been excellent to work with.”

Aurora’s Dimpleflo heat exchanger has given La Nuova multiple benefits.

“There’re three or four wins out of one bit of recovered water: we extract more water, we use fewer chemicals, our drying times are faster, we use less gas. And the system is almost maintenance free. There’s always something to do but in terms of day to day care, it really looks after itself,” Bevan explains.

“If any other laundries were looking at the Dimpleflo heat exchanger I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend they work with Aurora,” says Brad.

Big savings, innovative solutions: The efficient, reliable and hardworking Dimpleflo heat exchanger thanks to Aurora.

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